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Commercial Photography Nightmare in Pakistan

With the advent of digital cameras, the number of people calling themselves photographers increased manifolds all over the world. The same has happened in Pakistan as well and when you combine this with the rise of social media such as Facebook and Flickr, many of these so called photographers have started offering their services commercially [...]

Camera Dealers in Karachi – 2011 Update

It has been over three years now since I published the post titled “Camera Dealers in Karachi“. It’s about time I updated it. Following is the updated list of places to go for your digital photography requirements. If you know any other place, do let me know so that I can update it here: Nikon [...]

How to become James Bond, all thanks to China

Anyone who is a fan of James Bond movies will agree that one of the best parts in each movies, besides the Bond girl coming out of the water in a bikini, was the briefing Bond gets to all the cool gadgets that are going to be at his disposal. I know I used to [...]

Spy Pen Camera

If you thought there weren’t enough videos of stupid desi guys and girls recording their escapades on mobile cameras for fun, your wish is about to come true. I got this email today advertising a Pen Spy Cam in Karachi proudly claiming “_____ now brings the ultimate spying tool, PEN CAMERA with recorder. Ideal for [...]

Camera Dealers in Karachi

I’ve updated this post for 2011. Follow the link to get there. I’ve been getting quite a few queries about Digital Camera Dealers / Shops in Karachi leading people to this blog, so this post is for them. This is not the most comprehensive list of shops. It’s just the ones that I go to [...]

Super Enterprise Responds

It looks like my post about the lousy service of Nikon’s Pakistan dealer, Super Enterprise has reached their higher ups and today their sales manager, Mr. Toheed Akbar left this comment on that post: Hi All, If u have any query about NIKON in Pakistan, Please tell me than decide to what is good and [...]

Move to dSLR

Since I have been gone for a few months, I thought I’ll start out with updating some of the major happenings in my life. I’ll do it bit by bit each day so that I don’t run out of things to blog about in one day. One big thing that happened was my move from [...]