Desktop Wallpaper: Askari Park, Karachi

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I took a few pics there and really liked this one. Even though it didn’t turned out that good, but oh well, I still wanted it as a Wallpaper. So here goes…

Desktop Wallpaper: Askari Park, Karachi

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7 Responses to “Desktop Wallpaper: Askari Park, Karachi”

  1. amazing compositions. so ur also a fotographer? im also into it…aaj kal my friend has taken pocession of my cam..warna i’m also the trigger happy type. as my friend know me, u wont find a tissue paper in my bag – but a camera will always be there! which cam u used for these shots? and auto or manual settings?

    am planning a trip to khi come jan…i think i shud visit this new park to have a dekho for my myself

  2. Thanks, i dabble a lil bit…. not much good though… and the cam i used is my point and shoot olympus stylus 400…

    cool, by then the new beach park will be open as well, and u can visit that…. i think parks here’ll be a disappointment to u, cuz i think Lahore has much more greenry than Karachi. But then again, we have beach and combine park with beach and u’ve got beach park, so maybe that’ll be of some interest :)

  3. ya – lhr is much greener – and the traffic is much tamer – i frequent khi – so im kinda used to it i guess.

    well…we mite not have the beach – but we do have the canal! lol!

    for a P&S, those are really good compositions.

  4. You can keep your canal but send some greenry over ;)

  5. i think the canal…and the punjab soil has somethign to do with the greenery thriving:)

    how about blowing some of khi’s wind over ? :)

  6. Deal!!! You can take as much wind as you can in your suitcase when you come over ;)

  7. [...] The second stop this week was at Askari Park, which is still my favorite park in Karachi. One visit during the week nights will let you know why it is my favorite. I would have taken some pics but I didn’t had my camera with me, if you want to see some of the earlier pics you can find them here, here and here. [...]

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