Desktop Wallpaper: Seaview, Karachi

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Desktop Wallpaper: Seaview, Karachi

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  1. [...] Speaking of which, I am really pissed with the way people take pictures off the net and use it without even giving credit to the person who took the picture in the first place. I first came face to face with this menace when someone posted a trailer of an upcoming film about Karachi by some new comer director called “Kala Pul” at Karachi Metroblogs. During that trailer I saw one of my pics of Sea View used in the trailer without my permission. You can imagine how shocked I was at that. I was feeling good that atleast someone thinks highly of my pic to use it but the least he could have done was send me an email or leave a comment on this blog asking for the permission. After all, I watermark the blog address on almost all of my pics. Anyway, I posted my comments there and I guess the director read it and apologized. [...]

  2. [...]   [...]

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